Our Bamboo Straws FAQs

Reusable personalised personalized bamboo straws for events venues bars clubs

Q. How do I care for my bamboo straws?

A. Here are our care instructions for our bamboo straws

  • Always let your straw dry before storing it
  • Clean after use with straw cleaner (don't let it stay way for too long)
  • Allow to dry laying flat (not standing up) so water doesn't collect at the bottom of the straw
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Store straws in a well-ventilated area and never in an air tight container

When you first get your straws

You should wash your straw with soap and hot water and allow to dry before storage or use it straight away! Just keep in mind to dry your straw when you're done using it. 

Daily use

Make sure to wash your straws after every use. This is best done with soap and a straw cleaning brush to ensure the insides are clean. Dry immediately and remember to not keep them wet for a long period of time as this may weaken the bamboo.

Storing your straws

Ensure they are kept in a cool, dry place (not in a dark, air-tight or humid place). Cotton carry pouches are perfect as they allow air flow.

End of life

Depending on the care of your straw, they should last at least a year or longer. Because they are 100% natural bamboo, they can easily be composted at the end of their life cycle and you don't have to stress about them harming the environment!  

Q. Can the straws splinter or break?

A. Our straws are made from a type of bamboo that it unlikely to splinter. They are not drilled through the middle like some of our competitors, our straws are naturally hollow. They are strong and sturdy but can be broken if too much force is used on them.

Q. How long will my bamboo straw last?

A. With proper care your straw should last at least a year but can last for years. Once your straw is at the end of its life cycle you can simply compost your straw

Q. Do the straws collect flavours or stains?

A. Our bamboo straws are natural so they may collect a colour from certain drinks. Washing the straw thoroughly should bring it back to it's natural colour. We highly recommend washing the straw before switching drinks to ensure it doesn't change the taste of your drink.

Q. Are reusable straws as sanitary as disposable ones?

A. Bamboo is much safer than plastic when it cones to your health. Plastic straws are made from petroleum and when used (especially with hot or acidic drinks like tea, cocoa & coffee) there are studies that show this can leach toxins from the plastic into your body. These toxins can disrupt your hormones and have other harmful side effects. You are in control of your straw so you can ensure it is kept nice and clean and that it isn't leaching anything into your body when you use it!

Q. Are bamboo straws better than glass or metal reusable straws?

A. Bamboo itself is sustainable and has a low carbon footprint for manufacturing- plus at the end of it's life cycle it's very easy to dispose of compared to alternatives. Metal straws can leave a metallic taste and also hurt your teeth when using. Glass straws have are more risky to break and also can be hard on your teeth.

Q. Are The Plastic-Free Movement's bamboo straws treated with chemicals?

A. No our straws are completely natural, organic and un-treated.

Q. I am a retailer or venue interested in stocking The Plastic-Free Movement's straws. How do I get in touch with you?

A. Fantastic! We would love to hear from you. Please email us at info@theplasticfreemovement.com