Our Story

One Girl Inspired to Put an End to Single Use Plastic Straws

My name is Olivia and I am an eco warrior from Perth, Western Australia. I've always had a love for animals and the environment, so it was only natural that I would start a business that would help protect both!

After volunteering to care for rescued sea turtles in Indonesia in May 2017, I was shocked to see the amount of turtles affected by pollution. Some had tumours, others had eaten plastic bags they had mistaken for jellyfish. This inspired me to educate people and help others say no to single use plastics and reduce their waste. And so, The Plastic-Free Movement was born! Join me in trying to reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle for a greener future for us and the planet!

Baby Rescue Sea Turtle Release Bali Indonesia

I run this business from Australia with the help of my husband and amazing team of straw makers in Bali. As part of my aim to give back, I give 10% of my profits to Sea Shepherd Australia!


About My Bamboo Straws

My bamboo straws are organic, eco friendly and support the locals in Bali. They are laser engraved with a high quality laser and are dishwasher safe. Safe to say they will last you many years with proper care!

Bamboo Straws Waterfall The Plastic Free Movement

Bamboo contains a binding agent called "Bamboo Kun" which is found within its fibres. The sole purpose of this agent is to fight off any bacteria or fungus that tries to grow on it. This makes bamboo one of the most hygienic materials to use for straws! Not to mention it's much easier on your teeth than steel or glass. Yay for eco friendly bamboo!

Thank you for assisting in making my dream of a plastic-free world a reality!

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