Bamboo Straw Wedding Favour Bundles

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Custom Engraved Bamboo Straw Wedding Favour Packs

Got a wedding, engagement party or other event coming up? This pack is perfect for you! This is for a package of straws that includes the pouch and straw cleaner.

Package includes:

- Custom engraved straws (maximum 30 characters long)
- Choose between 100, 150 or 200 straws
- Choose between cocktail size (6"/15cm) or standard size (8"/20cm)
- Each straw comes with 1 plastic-free coconut fibre straw cleaner
- Each straw comes with a plain pouch (customised pouches coming soon!)

We help you create your customised straws. 

For sample engravings and help with design, please contact

Smaller or larger diameter straws can be requested if you prefer. Straws are ready to engrave from our team in Bali! Your order supports a local village. Shipping times vary depending on where you are ordering from. If you would like to order less or more quantities than what is listed please contact me for a customised quote. We have separate listings for regular standard size straws.

Care instructions 
•Clean after use with straw cleaner
•Dishwasher safe
•Always leave out to air dry
•With proper care, your straw should last many years!

Thanks for saying no to single use plastic!

For more information please email 

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