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The Plastic Free Movement

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The Plastic-Free Movement ships items in boxes that can be reused (preferably!), recycled or composted.

Gorgeous custom made bamboo drinking straws, all ready to ship from Australia! Our cute turtle logo with #theplasticfreemovement etched on each straw to get people talking!

Each one has been hand made and not treated with any nasty chemicals to ensure they are safe to use. Organic and reusable for many years if taken care of! Choose your amount of drinking straws, each option comes with 1 straw cleaner (so 1 cleaner with a bundle of 6 straws, 1 cleaner with a bundle of 10 straws etc). 

**Cleaners in this bundle are shown in photos! New stock of coconut fibre cleaners coming soon**

Care instructions
•Clean immediately after use with straw cleaner & lay flat to dry
•Can be put in the dishwasher
•Always dry immediately & leave out to air dry before storing
•Store in breathable cotton bag in a cool place (humidity & darkness are not good for the bamboo!)
•With proper care, your straw should last many years!

Bamboo contains a binding agent called "Bamboo Kun" which is found within its fibres. The sole purpose of this agent is to fight off any bacteria or fungus that tries to grow on it. This makes bamboo one of the most hygienic materials to use for straws! Not to mention it's much easier on your teeth than steel or glass. Yay for eco friendly bamboo!
Thanks for saying no to single use Plastic!

The Plastic-Free Movement

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